Location: Spotsylvania County, VA
Electricity Generated: 500 MW

The Spotsylvania Solar Energy Center (Project) is a 500-Megawatt (MWac) solar project located in western Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The Project Site consists of three non-contiguous boundaries that encompass approximately 6,350 acres. Of the 6,350 acres, approximately 3,500 acres will be developed into the solar project, and at least 2,000 acres will be preserved as undeveloped, conserved land. The Project Site currently consists of recently timbered land and is bordered by other forested lands and scattered single-family residences.

sPower recently announced that Microsoft will be purchasing 315 MWs of energy from the Project. Additional announcements regarding the purchase of energy from the Project are still to come.

View the Current Map of the Project Site

Recent Announcements

  • Majority of Spotsylvania Voters Support sPower’s Spotsylvania Solar Energy Center Project
  • State Corporation Commission approves new solar facility in Spotsylvania County
  • Apple, Akamai, Etsy and Swiss Re Collaborate to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development in Illinois and Virginia.
  • Microsoft announces purchase of 315 MWs of energy from sPower in Spotsylvania County.

About sPower

Sustainable Power Group (sPower) is an industry leading owner and operator of over 160 renewable energy projects. With new offices located in Spotsylvania County and Richmond, Virginia, our footprint and team continue to expand where energy resources are needed most. sPower portfolio consists of 13 gigawatts (GW) of development and operations assets across the United States and has generated nearly 4 billion kilowatt hours of carbon free electricity.